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Scrum checklist

NOTE – this checklist is deprecated. The latest version is here.

Here’s a first draft of a simple checklist for those of you that are doing Scrum (or believe so…).

The main target group for this checklist are teams that are relatively new to Scrum and likely to get many things wrong.

Each item is tagged by priority. I consider the priority 1 items to be pretty fundamental, I’d hesitate to even call it Scrum if a company hasn’t implemented all those items (or at least has good reasons not to).

When helping companies implement Scrum I normally start by ensuring that all priority 1 items on the checklist are implemented (or intentionally skipped) before even considering priority 2 and priority 3.

Note that these aren’t rules. They are guidelines. A team of 2 people might decide to skip the daily Scrum, since they are pair programming all day anyway and might not need a seperate meeting to synchronize. Fine. Then they have intentionally skipped a Scrum practice but ensured that the underlying purpose of the scrum practice has been fulfillied in another way. That is what counts!

If you are doing Scrum it might be interesting to have the team go through this list at a retrospective. As a discussion tool, not an evaluation tool.

Any feedback is welcome. I plan to update this list.