Henrik Kniberg

Henrik Kniberg

I debug, refactor, and optimize IT companies. And jam alot too.

Introduction to Lean Software Development

Here are the slides from my presentation "Vadå Lean Software Development" (Introduction to Lean Software Development) at HiQ on Oct 13.
Lean Agile Scrum XP
Note – the picture above (the last slide in my deck) can easily be misinterpreted when used out of context. It is not meant to imply that XP is a subset of Scrum, or that Agile is a subset of Lean. It just means that Lean addresses a very wide scope – principals like "limit work to capacity" and "continuous process improvement" are applicable in just about any context. While XP is more concrete and limited to the domain of software development. Scrum is somewhere in between – it is not limited to software development, but still mandates the use of timeboxed deliveries (sprints) and a product backlog. Agile is higher level – just a bunch of values and principles and no practices at all. Etc.

There are lots of ways of visualizing this. My picture is simplistic, if anyone can come up with a better one let me know.

Multi-team sprint planning

Here are the slides from my session Multi-team sprint planning. The session took place at the Scrum Forum meeting in Aarhus on Oct 1, in conjunction with the JAOO 2008 conference.
Multi-team sprint planning

What’s hard about being an agile developer?

"Simple" is a word often used in agile software development. Terms like YAGNI and "do the simplest thing that can possibly work". It is easy to forget, however, that Simple is often Hard! So what’s hard about becoming an agile software developer, where are the bumps in the ride?

In this talk I went through some aspects of agile software development that many developers find to be hard, or even unpleasant initially.

Here are the slides. The session took place Oct 1 at JAOO 2008 in Aarhus, Denmark.

I passed two microphones around and had the audience act out Ola the Optimist and Pete the Pessimist whenever their quotes popped up. It was like a live commentary of the presentation from two different perspectives. Great fun :o)