Mobile First Responsive Design Seminar

Thanks to everyone who attended the Mobile First Responsive Design Seminar.

If you’re curious about mobile first responsive design, here’s the presentation

The “slides” (a mobile first responsive site) are also available on GitHub:¬†

Tools used to create the presentation: ArtRage and Wacom Intuos, the same tools Henrik Kniberg used for the Product Ownership in a Nutshell video.

6 responses on “Mobile First Responsive Design Seminar

    1. Yeah, they were great! Really easy to use, and with the layering capabilities in ArtRage it was easy to revisit each image and make minor changes without having to start all over again.

  1. Thanks for a great presentation!

    I love how you embedded the whole presentation from in a simple iframe right here on the blog – and it still looks nice!

  2. Great presentation, I really like you put full presentation… B/w what plugin you use to embed the full slides of presentation!

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