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Henrik Kniberg

I debug, refactor, and optimize IT companies. And jam alot too.

Scrum and XP from the Trenches

Cover pageI’ve written a paper for those of you that are interested in agile software development:

Scrum and XP from the TrenchesHow we do Scrum

It describes lessons learned after a year of experimentation with a 40-person development team.


  • How we do product backlogs
  • How we do sprint planning
  • How we communicate sprints
  • How we do sprint backlogs
  • How we arrange the team room
  • How we do daily scrums
  • How we do sprint demos
  • How we do sprint retrospectives
  • How we do release planning and fixed price contracts
  • How we combine Scrum with XP
  • How we do testing
  • How we handle multiple scrum teams
  • How we handle geographically distributed teams