Anders Ramsay

Anders Ramsay

Anders Ramsay is a veteran UX designer and Agile Coach, specializing in helping organizations integrate Agile and Lean methods with UX practice. Anders has consulted with everything from startups to multi-nationals. His past clients include Autodesk, Citrix, Lonely Planet, Sony Pictures, Viacom, and the City of New York. Anders is also highly active in the UX Community, including leading the NYC Agile Experience Design Meetup, the Agile Experience Design social network, and blogging about all things UX at

Guest blog by Anders Ramsay – Finding Agile UX Nirvana with the One-Feature Release

This is a guest post from veteran Agile UX coach Anders Ramsay who’ll be visiting Crisp in March.

In a traditional UX practice, there tends to be a strong focus on whole product design.  In other words, we want to integrate all the features of a product into a unified and coherent experience, before we can consider the design work to be done.

Big Design Up-Front is like growing a tree in a “wireframe nursery” before planting it in the real world of working software.

But if you are taking this approach in designing the user experience, and you’re also part of an Agile team, then that might be a major reason why you’re struggling to integrate your UX practice into an Agile model. read more »