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Properties of a good daily stand-up

I had a conversation with some of my colleagues about what makes a good daily stand-up, here are some properties: Time-boxed (15 minutes) Everyone is engaged Synchronization is taking place Attention to problems People ask for help The conversation is about stuff that matters to most people, individual issues are postponed Anyone can lead the

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A perfect orchestra

As you can read in the Crisp blog, some of us have been travelling to Japan to”Find the roots of lean”.
The experiences are many and I will try to write about them in coming blogs but here I will reveal what was the most

important experience for me.

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As an Agile/Scrum coach I value commitment from the team at the top of my requirement or wish lists, even higher than Kaizen (Continuous Improvement).

So why is this so important?

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Kaizen (Continuous improvement) should be the first improvement

How can anyone say

that they are Lean or agile when they don’t inspect and adapt.

What most companies have in common when they implement process improvement is lack of continuous improvement…..  


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