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A Lean Simulation in JavaFX

My collagues are talking a lot about Lean these days. I thought it would be interesting to simulate one of their examples using JavaFX.

Here is a picture:

What’s cool about this then?

First, it gave me a deeper understanding of a how queue length affects cycle time. With this simulator, you can vary the parameters to control queue size and processing time. Just pull the slides.

Secondly, I knocked up this in hours and being my second JavaFX project, I consider it very fast.

There are always advocates for languages that speak loudly about how fast they write code. Sorry, I didn’t mean to be one of those.

I used almost the same number of hours with a spreadsheet to check whether the simulation was correct.

Speaking of spreadsheets, they are great tools  for understanding data.

The first point shows how JavaFX can be the same for understanding the interaction of parameters for a dynamic flow.

So the bottom line is, nothing beats a visual model and you can knock it up with JavaFX, being quick as a brick. (Did I just say that?)

Now, go and see for yourself: