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June 17-18: Advanced Agile with Alistair & Henrik

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Good news: Alistair Cockburn is in Stockholm June 17-18! We’ll be teaching Advanced Agile, a workshop for those of you who already have agile training and experience, and want to dig deeper!

Register here if you are interested.

Alistair is a very inspiring fellow! He wrote the original book Agile Software Development and was one of the people who started the whole agile movement. He has also written books about Use Cases and agile requirements. Alistair has a great knack for balancing theoretical depth with practical real-life examples and a dose of humor.

Agile Evening with Alistair and Henrik

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On Tuesday Oct 2 Alistair Cockburn and I are hosting a free evening event at Crisp.

I’ll be talking a bit about my current client Spotify, which has a cool scaling approach with “tribes”, “squads”, “guilds”, and “chapters”. Then Alistair will talk about whatever topic the participants choose. Then we’ll have discussions and finger food.

Feel free to join us!

Upcoming Kanban & Lean & Agile events

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Here are some fun workshops that I will be co-teaching during the next few months. Join us! For more info see www.crisp.se.

Kanban Applied
co-teaching with Mattias Skarin, March 22-23.
Mattias is a colleague & lean/agile coach, he co-authored my book "Kanban and Scrum, making the most of both".
(details & registration here)

Certified ScrumMaster & Agile Fundamentals
co-teaching with Alistair Cockburn, April 6-8 (3 days).
Alistair is co-author of the Agile Manifesto and has written a number of books, including "Agile Software Development – the cooperative game".
(details & registration here)

Certified ScrumMaster
co-teaching with Jeff Sutherland, April 28-29.
Jeff created Scrum and co-authored the Agile Manifesto.
(details & registration here)

Leading Lean SW Development
co-teaching with Tom & Mary Poppendieck, May 19-20.
Tom & Mary coined the term "Lean Software Development" and have written 3 famous books on the topic.
(details & registration here)