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Securing Your Website – SSL a how-to guide

I attended the Optimera STHLM conference this spring where SSL was a recurring theme. The speakers convincingly argued for more extensive use of SSL in websites. Consider that without SSL anyone can see what you read online, what you look at and what your interests are… I was pretty confident after the conference about setting up a website with SSL, and I got the chance to test it out soon after. In the process I discovered that sometimes it’s a bit tough to find information when you have a problem with the implementation, or when you want to learn more. So here’s a how-to guide with what I learned and links to the resources I used most. Maybe it’ll help you, and hopefully you can give me some feedback ūüôā

So let’s get started!
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Min Ajax DWR kurs är nu online, med source

Har tankat upp S5 slides, demo-exempel online, samt all källkod med Apache 2.0 licens. Jag kan speciellt rekommendera en titt på exemplet som använder sig av Server Push (Comet), Reverse Ajax och Scriptaculous effects (rör muspekaren över den tomma tabellen för att starta den). Det visar vad som med egentligen ganska enkla medel är möjligt

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