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Are you manouvering a sports car or a truck?

This is not you, right?

  • Customer making changes at a faster rate then the development teams can implement
  • A development team running short sprint lengths only to deliver crap to QA
  • A development team promising features at a quicker rate than we can make avaliable to end customers – only to build up a queue of unshipped work
  • A management team changing directions in a faster pace then company can absorb them,
  • A software development company entering an Agile contract with a waterfall process

We apply agile principles to be fast and responsive to changes. Lean teaches us to "deferr decisions", agile to "change late". But doing this and turning a blind eye to real limitations we  fool ourselves to believe we can drive faster than we are able. Result? Quick steering adjustments aimed for a sports car brings the truck into inbalance and possible into the ditch.

Running a sports car? or a truck?
running this? ..or this?
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