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Multi-team sprint planning

Here are the slides from my session Multi-team sprint planning. The session took place at the Scrum Forum meeting in Aarhus on Oct 1, in conjunction with the JAOO 2008 conference.

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What’s hard about being an agile developer?

"Simple" is a word often used in agile software development. Terms like YAGNI and "do the simplest thing that can possibly work". It is easy to forget, however, that Simple is often Hard! So what’s hard about becoming an agile software developer, where are the bumps in the ride? In this talk I went through

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JAOO tutorial slides

For those of you who attended my Scrum & XP tutorial at the JAOO conference, here are the slides: Thanks for attending, hope you had a good time! Despite my piano playing (how can I resist a grand piano standing in the corner of the room :o) I thought the attendance would be like

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