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Get Awesome Team Focus with this daily routine!

Tired of the same old boring and ineffective daily meetings with your team? Try this new Awesome Team Focus daily routine! It will help your team use a swarming technique to laser-focus on the stuff that really matters and get it done. As a bonus it will help you start limiting Work In Process without

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Limited WIP Society #5 – Playing GetKanban

A short while ago we gathered 24 people to try out the GetKanban game.  Here you see Håkan Forss giving instructions to the teams.

I heard a question if Limited WIP Society was only for invited – absolutely not, that is a great misunderstanding. Maybe the name is somewhat misleading.. . It is open for anyone interested in applying Lean, Kanban or Theory of Constraint principles in software, sometimes due to in limitation in our facilities, we have to limit attendees but it is always on first come first serve basis.

We announce the events on the agilesweden list as well invite earlier attendees. If you are interested in the events, just email me and I’ll put you up on the invitation list. Hope to see you there next time!


Ps: David Anderson is holding a special Kanban Training for managers in Stockholm June 20-21. Check it out:

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