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Future of Agile – update!

The schedule is taking shape for May 27:th,  we now announce two more sessions:

  • Kanban vs. Scrum – Henrik Kniberg
  • Roots of Lean and Agile  – direct report from Toyota visit

Also, meet the experts face2face in the afternoon open space session. Here is your chance to discuss in person with the father of Kanban, David Anderson and with Henrik Kniberg.

More is to come. Seats are limited. Don’t miss out.

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Why we are better off monitor our queues

Cycle time helps us monitor our system performance. So cycle time is a good  thing ūüôā

But there is two ways of tracking it. First (obvious) way is by starting a stopwatch when an item enters system and stopping it when it exits. This gives a reliable measurement but only after we have passed the process.

Cycle time measurement

But there is a better way!

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