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How to Achieve Zero or Negative Productivity

Do you feel like your organization’s development process delivers too little at too slow a pace? Your gut feeling is probably correct. In this post, I’ll describe three paradigms that result in near zero or even negative productivity.

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Programmer productivity: SP < PR < PP < MP

In my experience, when it comes to programming productivity, mob programming beats the rest. Of course the definition of productivity in this context is debatable and these are just my observations. Thus, it is not a proper scientific study but bear with me anyway.

I wish to compare one aspect of productivity, how we work together. I look at single programming, pull requests, pair programming and mob programming.

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Tools of Our Trade

Today we developers are high in demand, at least here in Sweden. My client is now persuading russians to immigrate only because there are not enough of skilled programmers. While there still are people that think one programmer is as good as another, give or take some experience, others have realized that there is a huge difference.Continue reading

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Email eats your day

Email has reached into the everyday life of almost every profession. While I have been using it since the 80’s, its usage has accelerated enough to make it an issue even to us who are used to it since long.

There is research that shows that we use a lot of time reading email. It may be waste.

Here is a suggested personal policy for handling you email.

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