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About the Developer Profession #1: How Many Decisions Do You Make in Real Time?

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In this series of articles, I’ll be discussing the developer profession from different angles. The common denominator is that all articles will, in one way or another, be about professionalism. This first article is about the different factors and decisions behind every single line of code.

Notes snd Equations

A while ago I spoke to a friend who is pretty much a professional singer. He explained singing to me in a very passionate way, saying that singing is like solving multiple parallel equations in real time. He told me that it’s quite obvious that every singer has to follow notes. What’s less obvious is that the singer also takes a multitude of micro decisions during every second of his/hers singing. He told me about tempo, intensity, interpretation of the composer, matching the expectations of the audience, synchronization with other singers, following the Kapellmeister, and a bunch of other factors. I was quite impressed.

A second later it struck me that this goes for programming as well, and I started to list all the equations a developer must solve while writing a single line of code. Here it is!

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