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The Bun Protocol

The Bun protocol ("Bullprotokollet" in Swedish) is a lightweight, decentralized request routing protocol. It is designed to be the simplest possible way to handle requests that are shared by a distributed group of people.

I introduced this to Crisp a few years ago because we had just create a lightweight recruitment process, and later when we were creating a lightweight sales process I saw many similarities. So I did an "extract to interface" refactoring and created this "Bun Protocol" :o)

  • "Hmmm… we’re starting to get a lot of requests to teach training courses. How are we going to manage these?"
  • "Let’s use the Bun Protocol for now!"
  • "OK!"

We have used this protocol for all kinds of external client requests for years now, and it works surprisingly well, so I’d like to share it.

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