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Bragging: 100% coverage, specification by example and pair programming

Yesterday we ended our second two-week sprint and on the demo, besides showing the system, we could do some bragging about test coverage using our Sonar dashboard.  We also could show Fitnesse tests at system level that implements the specification by example technique, or like some say, executable requirements.

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State of My Agile Mind

It has been 10 years since the Agile Manifesto was written and although I have not been following the agile community for that long, I have been a developer in Scrum teams since 2007. In total, I have done system development for 30+ years so I have lived and breathed both waterfall and RUP before trying Scrum.

So what is on an agile developer’s mind these days? Here are my current reflections on three things today, Agile Development, Architecture and Acceptance Testing.

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Requirements Specification is Waste

Eclipse trashed some code for me today and I had to recreate the workspace. On such days, I can get a bit edgy and maybe I was, when commenting Richard Kronfält’s blog on Scrum and traditional QA.

Sorry about that, Richard, but you are a viking so I guess I can get away with a glass of mjöd if I ever bump into you.

But my point is still, requirements specification is waste. It follows from that the issue tracking is as well. Well, not always.

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