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Lean vs Traditional Project Management

This week, we have Mary Poppendieck with us. She held an evening seminar which inspired me to think about the differences between Lean and traditional project management. I also am inspired by the questions I get from my spouse on this.

I thought that it would be interesting to do a side-by-side comparison between the two. I am no process expert, I am just a programmer who has been the subject of 30 years of different processes. I have seen DOD 2167, RUP, PROPS, PEJL, XP, Scrum and a few others. So this is just my humble opinion.

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Lean för mjukvara på 10 minuter

En kort sammanfattning av grunderna i Lean på 10 minuter. Concept To Cash, Cykeltid optimering och köer och flaskhalsar.

Lean handlar om att bli snabb genom att sluta göra onödiga saker.

Lean värdesätter det som levereras och inte det som påbörjas. Att få saker ur händerna istället för att jobba hårt.

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Planning ahead in Scrum

In Scrum it is often perceived that planning takes place on sprint planning day. Getting the required parties in the same place and do planning is a good way of making real time decisions. But getting people together is a dounting or impossible task and this also neglects some of the thought processes that needs to take place before stories are estimatable.

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