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Stop-the-line spoken word performance

På Agila Sverige 2012 höll jag min första ignite i form av en Majakovski- och Bob Dylan-inspirerad Spoken World performance om hur vi på Polopoly skapade kvalitet genom extremt fokus på automatiserade tester och en stoppa-bandet-kultur. Förra veckan fyllde konsultbolaget Adaptiv 5 år och firade genom att låte en utvald skara Agila Sverige-talare reprisera sina

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A bug is just an unwritten test that failed

In the first week of March I attended two Spotify unconferences about Continuous Deliver and Quality (which I also had the pleasure to facilitate). I am amazed on how many we were (people had flown in from a lot of other places), the energy in the room, the quality of the discussions, and the massive

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Always Fix Broken Windows

I keep a close watch on these tests of mine I keep my Jenkins open all the time I see a defect coming down the line Because you’re mine, I stop the line A zero bug policy is the only valid way to look at quality, just like there should never be any broken windows

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