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My Testing Philosophy

Testing is a topic covered with mysteries and misunderstandings. Some people believe that testing is simply a verification of a specification. Others rely on a false assumption that everything can be automated and there is no need involving test engineer into anything else than writing automated scripts. Many think that quality is a responsibility of only a few folks in the company and should not bother the rest.

My views are different to the ones stated above, as my expectations on testing are alike to other engineering disciplines, for example, programming.

On high level I am following 3 main principles:

  1. Testing is a creative activity.
  2. What can be automated should be automated.
  3. Quality is everyone’s responsibility.

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A bug is just an unwritten test that failed

In the first week of March I attended two Spotify unconferences about Continuous Deliver and Quality (which I also had the pleasure to facilitate). I am amazed on how many we were (people had flown in from a lot of other places), the energy in the room, the quality of the discussions, and the massive

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Stop the line song

I ended my talk on the SoapUI user gathering MeetUI singing the stop the line song. Now it has ended up on youtube. Here’s the text: I keep a close watch on these tests of mine I keep my Jenkins open all the time I see a defect coming down the line Becuse you’re mine,

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Stop the line as eBook

Here’s the eBook collecting my articles on building the quality in by stoping the line: Stop The Line – Why it’s crucial to include a human touch to your automated processes

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Where is that Red ‘Stop’ Button in Your Development Process?

If you don’t dare to stop the line, continuous integration might be waste. Here is the second part of my three-part series on building the quality in on the SmartBear blog. In the first post of this series, I wrote about Toyoda Sakichi, the founder of the Toyota industries, who invented a loom that would

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Mönster för flertrådade enhetstester

Detta är ett designmönster för hur man skriver ett enhetstest som utför samma test samtidigt i flera trådar.

Genom att utnyttja java.util.concurrent på ett smart sätt säkerställer man maximal samtidighet, vilken kan avslöja trådbuggar.

Kom ihåg: det går inte att bevisa att ett program är fritt från trådbuggar. Det handlar om att göra det sannolikt att det fungerar i en flertrådad miljö.

Nyfiken? Läs på…

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Mock the Clock

Your unit test should have no dependencies on anything external, you know that already. So you try not to read any files or connect to a database server.  But what about time? Recently we had some unit tests that failed during nightly build due to daylight saving. Suddenly the distance between two days was 23 hours.

But it doesn’t stop at unit tests. System tests, too, may depend on time.

You should have a strategy for how your system perceive time. Read on.

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