4 responses on “Scrum and XP from the Trenches – now on Amazon

  1. Just wanted to say that your book has helped us a lot to implement Scrum !!  We were happy to discover that you have a blog as well.  Thanks from a Belgian development team.

  2. Hi Henrik,
    I found your book an excellent practical SCRUM guide that has been very very helpful to us. We were looking for the information about SCRUM it self, about application of SCRUM in the REAL LIFE.. to see how others do it, get inspired. Thanx. Good job.

  3. I agree with the other readers’ notes (here and elsewhere) this is a very useful and well-written book.  Thank you!

    I did want to go back to the issue of SCRUM and geographically distributed teams, the discussion on this topic wasn’t as expanded as much as some of us would be interested it to be, beyond the suggestion of separated teams.  Any additional thoughts or experiences since the book was published? Communication technologies can only go so far, different timezones can slow interaction down or even negate its effectiveness, business culture differences can make some of the core principles more difficult to apply effectively.

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