7 responses on “Agile version control with multiple teams

  1. Thank you for your work! You saved huge amount of time for our team =) We are using some mix-process (SCRUM & XP) and now going to adapt your ideas from “SCRUM and XP from the trenches”. Also we had troubles with agile versioning – the same troubles as you describe =) Wonderful work, thank you 🙂 We are going to cure mergephobia in our team 😉

  2. Wonderful paper! Thanks very much.

    What Perforce mechanism would you recommend for the development branches? A colleague is recommending using sparse branching of individual files, but I’m not so sure. Do you have any practical experience with Perforce?

  3. Great article! It help us very much to find a solution to improve the quality of our trunk.

    We are going to use a variant of the described aproach with several scrum teams working on the same code.

    I am going to share our experience…

  4. Re Perforce, it doesn’t make sparse branching particularly easy, so I wouldn’t bother (unless you have huge branches and a massive repository when it might be worth investigating).

    Perforce handles branching and integration very well – Laura Wingerd’s work reference above is based on her experience as a VP at Perforce. Her book is well worth reading!

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