My Scala-presentation is now online

Yesterday I held this Scala presentation at Javaforum in Gothenburg. About 140 persons attended the evening seminar. All in all I think my presentation went pretty well, but Niclas Nilsson pointed out afterwards that I got the definition of Duck Typing wrong. I have corrected this in my S5 slides, which are in Swedish. I’m releasing my slides in the no-nonsense WTFPL license.

Then a group of us went to The Bishop’s Arms at Kungsportsavenyn and drank a couple of beers. It was me, my relative Niclas Palmquist, Niclas Nilsson, Viktor Klang and John Nilsson. After about an hour Luke Hohmann  approached us and wondered if we were the Scala  geeks. I have no idea how he figured that out.  ūüôā It was in all a really enjoyable evening. If you ever bump into Luke, ask him  to tell you his "credit card numbers as disk address" tale. It is absolutely hilarious!

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