Video recording of “10 ways to screw up with Scrum and XP”

Here is InfoQ’s video recording of my 90 minute session "10 ways to Screw up with Scrum and XP" at Agile 2008 in Toronto. And here are the slides too.

Video of Henrik's session

Too bad the slide animations and the audience participation doesn’t show up, and that you mostly see the back of my head (the camera was off to one side).  It was a fun session though, and the participants seemed to enjoy it. It was voted for re-run on the last day of the conference so I got to do it twice.

5 responses on “Video recording of “10 ways to screw up with Scrum and XP”

  1. Dear Mr. Kniberg,

    I’m reading your book "Scrum and XP from the Trenches" at the moment. I also read articles and articles about using scrum, and also I’m partially using it but with combination of making time-plans (some combination between Scrum & Waterfall model).
    All this time I cannot answer one thing: I have a developers team of 5 people plus one DB and one QA guy. When making time-plan I’m taking care the tasks for DB and QA guy not to overlap. How could I manage this with Scrum?

    Let’s say that the effort for one QA in the sprint is 13 man-days and the sprint lasts 15 days. With time plan I know when tester will test certain functionality. With scrum I don’t know that so it might happen that the tester work on test cases let’s say 6 man-days, so after that there isn’t any functionality implemented yet so he waits without job and after that on day 10 he receives all functionalities for testing. He has only 5 days remaining, but he must spend 7 man-days testing, so the delivery will be overdue for 2 days.

    Could you please try to explain this and how should I solve this?

    Thank you very much.

    I’m looking forward to hear your comments.

    Best Regards

  2. Hi Henrik, nice presentation.

    Your explanation (voice, indications, …) gives much added value to the slides. The slides are simple & clear.

    One could just feel that all is set up with lots of experience. Please continue!



  3. Hi – thank you very much for the presentation! I instantly found myself familiar with five or six of your failure indicators. In this case, no. 11 helps a lot, and I wish I’d been in Tronto to pick up a deck of cards ūüėČ

    I tried to download the slides and the mindmap from your site (, but I only get  ‘Sidan Saknas!’ which I suppose is the Swedish way to say ‘404’.

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