Introducing Agile to system administration and operations – half way report

5 months have now passed since we introduced Kanban and Agile to two teams. Here is a half way report:

Good stuff

  • Trust has grown significantly, to developers and to managers
  • The work they put in is now visible and appriciated in the organisation
  • "We now have visibility and can affect our situation" / team member
  • Both have taken significant steps from specialized individuals to teams. This is seen in frequent cooperation and problem solving.
  • Knowledge sharing has intensified dramaitically
  • Managers can instantly spot problems by walking through the department looking at the kanban boards
  • 2 months after introduction, one team was voted "best in company" that sprint. It was also acknowledged as second highest "good" thing in company retrospective same period

Challenges remaining:

  • It is hard to find clear team goals (there are no sprints)
  • Knowledge sharing puts pressure on senior members, it is important to give something back, making their work fun
  • A constant struggle fixing root causes outside team limits
  • Teams evolves so rapidly it is hard for organisation to keep up!

The positive problem of the month
I was called in to one teams retro…

"we think we have a problem.."
"uhm.. (holding my breath) . tell me"
"well in our retro, we have too few problems…"

I’d love to see more of this ūüôā

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