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Here’s a great list of agile tools on Mike Cohn’s User Stories site! Primarily for product backlog and user story management.

Only problem is that there are way too few reviews so far. Are you using an agile tool? Go submit a review now and spread the link to your friends! Let’s help build this thing :o)

Great initiative Mike!

5 responses on “Agile tools

  1. Hey Henrik!

    Great tip!

    Speaking of tools, I downloaded your “index card generator” tool and went nuts on the code. A bunch of iterations later it is now a “backlog manager tool” which we rely heavily on and use on a daily basis in our company. I must really say thanks for supplying that original Excel. Very useful!!

    The index card generation code in my version of the Excel is based largely on your old code, but I have added alot of stuff like support for auto-filtering, a dialog for adding new user stories, etc.

    Check it out, if you want, You can find it through my scrum blog on

    Here is also a direct link to the post with the most recent version of the “Backlog Manager tool”:

  2. What about the Scrum plugin for TFS.
    Any experience or views on that?
    Some people claim it is an obstacle to use such a tool for agile projects

  3. I would like to se something here regarding RTC. Should be on the list! With RQM, RRC, RTC and Eclipse you are set to go. JAZZ, even if driven by IBM/Rational, is not such a bad thing. Get the complete setup from the first pland item in an enterprice projekt inkluding requirement handling, testmanagement, Eclipse development to the first deliverd product version to customer.

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