Learnings from Kanban and Lean conference

I attended the Lean & Kanban conference last week. The first of it’s kind, a big boost of energy and I certainly hope to see more on this subject.

It was striking how, in case after case, the simple introduction of visual management and matching work to capacity (Kanban) sent teams off on a journey exploring Queues, Pull, System Thinking and even Deming(!). 

Here are my biggest takeaways:

  • Even highly performing senior teams get a boost by using Kanban (a bit of surprice to me)
  • Classes of service enables teams to self organize around risk elimination. (David Anderson). If you have been thinking of  "is there any way around analysing full test suite/architecture up front – this is what you are looking for. Extremely interesting stuff.
  • It was nice to hear the community has picked up that the primary model for software is Lean Product development first, then ideas from lean manufacturing
  • How system thinking quickly was perceived as the primary constraint when scaling and how Deming holds many answers
  • Talking to Dean Leffingwell an confirming my thoughts regarding the need for a cooperation model

I ‘ll probably come back more on this subject ūüôā

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