Takeways from Future of Agile

Experience the humbleness and energy of so many people in one single place was a great experience. I would have liked to stay longer just do discuss and share experiences.


  • As Agile practitioners, we need to continue to evolve
  • Kanban is a promising tool for sharing Lean benefits outside teams
  • Pick the right tools for the job! Kanban and Scrum have their advantages, start with your problem and then pick the right tool
  • David shared my experiences with Kanban teams demonstrating a "white box" behaviour instead of a "black box" (not your business) towards its stakeholders
  • Classes of Service is a hot upcoming topic around Risk Management
  • In Japan the "why" is the most important thing. Therefore rigorous effort is spent on understanding Values and Princinples, compared to our Western approach of staring with the Practices (therefore not being able to adopt when situation change)

Enough chat. Here are the slides:

  • Future of Agile – David Anderson

  • Kanban vs. Scrum – Henrik Kniberg

  • Roots of Lean, visiting Toyota – Mattias Skarin

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