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  1. Great. You are unbelievable in how you sort of get it all together in a small place. Scrum-poetry!

  2. 2.0 is prettier but I actually like the old checklist better because it has more details (priority 2 and 3 stuff) and is centered around the key concepts of Scrum.

  3. Yeah, I basically took all the prio 1 stuff from the old checklist list and subdivided those into categories. I intentionally left most of the old prio 2 and 3 stuff out of the new checklist because I wanted it to be short, concise, and fit on a single page. The prio 2 & 3 stuff was also very much more subjective than the prio 1 stuff.

    I’m considering maybe creating a “backside” with the prio 2 & 3 stuff, if enough people ask for it.

  4. Thanks for this new checklist. I think different modes of presentation accentuate the ideas & help me to remember them.

    At first I thought it would be good just to present the original other sheet on the back half, but then when I looked at it, it seemed like there was too much info. Perhaps the same info in a different language?

  5. I’m trying to decide what to put on the backside. Either a scrum overview picture, or more checklist stuff (the stuff that was priority 2 on the old checklist).

  6. Hi Henrik. Thank you for this very good checklist. I have a question about one of your check points. It is about retrospective, the statement that “Whole team + PO participates”. Can you please elaborate why the PO should participate?


  7. Because many of the most important problems are related to communication between the team and customers/users/stakeholders. The PO has an instrumental role in that. With the PO present, we increases the likelihood of constructive problem solving and reduce the likelihood of “It was the PO’s fault” or “If only the PO would xyz”.

  8. I really like your CheckList, but I was hoping to find some items about testing…

  9. It’s the first item on the list. “Delivers working, TESTED software every 4 weeks or less”. Other than that, Scrum doesn’t define *how* testing is done, that is up to the team.

  10. Hi Henrik,

    I’ve been unsuccesfully trying to find version 2.0 in a form that can be filled up and posted on-line in order to give it to many people worjking in SCRUM in my organization. Do you know such a on-line form that can be summarized later on?

    King regards

    BTW. Great job in preparing the list !!!

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