Learn Kanban from the source – Kanban Jedi training class

On September 24-25:th in Stockholm, there is a chance to learn Kanban directly from the source!

Kanban is framework to help improve efficiency and continuous learning, but with a very light weight footprint. It works both in- and outside software environments.  Support is one example.

You will learn how to Who can benefit from participating?
  • Start up Kanban
  • Draw a Kanban board
  • Set up measurements
  • Drive continuous improvement with Kanban
  • Advanced concepts such as risk management with Kanban
  • Developers
  • Project managers
  • Product owners
  • Line managers
  • Coaches & trainers

Hosting the training is David Anderson, one of the most experienced practitioner in the field. So it is a great opportunity to learn from the source.


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