Kanban training Sep 24-25 with David Anderson

If you’re interested in Kanban I can recommend this course in Stockholm, there are still a few spots left. If you don’t know what Kanban is you might take a look at: http://www.limitedwipsociety.org/resources/

… or my article Kanban vs Scrum or (if you only have a minute) my cartoon One day in Kanban Land.

My philosophy is simple: life is short, time is the only truly limited resource. If you’re ever going to attend a course, go to the source. That’s why we enjoy working with people like Mary & Tom Poppendieck, Jeff Sutherland, Ron Jeffries, Michael Feathers, and David Anderson.

David Anderson is one of the leading pioneers of Kanban-style software development, so he counts as a Kanban source  :o)

See you there!

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