A lot going on

Last weeks have been busy!

  • We ran the first Kanban training course i Stockholm with David Anderson. The training class got a 8.5 score average out of 10. I really enjoyed the skill and experience  of the participants as well as David’s many "off topic" discussions.

    Kanban Jedi Course

  Discussing at the whiteboard
  • The first Limited WIP Society meeting arranged in Stockholm brought 50 people(!). Besides sharing kanban stories (and a beer or two..:)  we managed to gather 20 people in playng the bottleneck game in the open space session. In the stories shared the simpleness of applying Kanban to an existing organisation was a common thread.

    Limited wip participants playing!

Playing the bottlneck game

Talks I have held,

  • NFI – Från krav till system, Var är mitt krav? Följ det med Kanban (slides in swedish)
  • ScanAgile 2009 – Getting Agile in system administration and operations
    -> Great to meet some old finnish collegues!

Talks – upcoming

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