Agile Support with Kanban

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A year ago I held an Open Space at Scrum Gathering in Stockholm about Agile Support. I have since received several requests to expand on the topic, so here it comes.

Download the article about Agile support with Kanban

Good Luck!


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    2010-02-17 - 07:36 | Permalink

    Hello Tomas,
    I would like to translate your (super) article in french. May it be possible ? If yes, would it be possible to send me the source file(s) ? For information, I have co-translated the Kanban and Scrum minibook of Henrik and Mattias and the SCrum Checklist of Henrik.
    Regards, Fabrice

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    2015-02-13 - 20:59 | Permalink

    Hi Thomas
    the link to download the article is broken, do you still have the document?

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    2015-03-24 - 12:50 | Permalink

    The link to download is missing, could you please fix it?

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