The TDD Tetrahedron, version 1.0

The TDD Tetrahedron has reached version 1.0.

As I write this, we have a course on advanced TDD with Robert C Martin as teacher.  I took the opportunity to introduce the first version to the participants.
Uncle Bob and the TDD Tetrahedron
Uncle Bob and the TDD Tetrahedron.

Some of you that participated, asked me for a digital version which I mailed to you. I thought that there may be other people that are interested, so, here is the PDF for you to download. There is no read-me file but you only need scissors and tape.

The biggest change from the prototype I presented in an earlier post, is that the bottom is removed. It became easier to put it together that way.

I really tried to find some way to manufacture it in plastic or paper to a reasonable price, but failed. I also thought about doing a TDD pen,   A pen with three sides where each side would be red, green or yellow in a similiar way to the tetrahedron, But that failed since the sides could not have different colors.

The TDD pen
Anyway, if you have any clue on manufacturing any of these ideas, I will be happy to hear from you!

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