Scaling Scrum in the Enterprise with Kanban

Working at different clients, I often see the need to have many Scrum teams working together towards a common goal – be it a large project or initiative.
The issue with having many Scrum teams quickly becomes a question of how do you keep the coherence – the actual control over the project. So many issues, problems, risks are discovered by each teams, especially by mid- to end-spring, and need to be addressed in a concerted, smart way. You often end-up with too much data to process for too few people higher in the Scrum teams’ hierarchy (Scrum-of-Scrums).
Here is a proposal to use Kanban as a way to help the Scrum-of-Scrums. Basically achieving a “portfolio” synchronization layer.
This was presented at AgilaSverige 2010 in Stockholm.

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