Agile and Architecture

Yesterday I held a presentation on the subject “Agile and Architecture” at EDB. They have an internal competence network which meet regularly and discuss agile processes and methods.

My point in this presentation was that every system has an architecture that determines the qualities of it. Given a set of functions, different architectures will give these functions different qualities, such as performance and cost of maintenance.

This is still true, no matter if you do waterfall, RUP or Scrum.

What is different, however, is how we work with architecture. We became agile to cope with a faster changing world. So the architecture must be changed at a much higher pace now than before. Architecture, though, is known for being hard to change. After all, it is the pillars that the system stands on.

I held an exercise, or should I say, tried an exercise. But, gosh, what a cheat these cloud computing services are. ūüôā

Ok. Here are the slides.

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