Awesome Agile & Lean workshops coming up

We got some really cool workshops coming up during the next couple of months together with some of the "founding fathers" of Lean and Agile software development :o)

David Anderson Kanban book
David Anderson is the pioneer of Kanban in software development and author of the book Kanban – Successful evolutionary change for your technology business.

  • Nov 8 – 9: Kanban Training with David Anderson
    Learn how to introduce Kanban in your organization
  • Nov 10 – 11: Kanban Coach Camp with David Anderson and Mattias Skarin
    Evolve your skills as Kanban practitioner and coach

 Don ReinertsenDon books
Don Reinertsen has been on our "people that we really have to bring to Stockholm" list for a long time! Don is author of one of my favorite books "Managing the Design Factory", and his teachings have been a key source of inspiration to many thought leaders such as Mary Poppendieck and David Anderson. Don focuses on quantification and economic justification for improvement actions, and provides practical methods rather than general philosophical principles.

Ron Jeffries
Ron Jeffries is one of 3 original founders of XP (eXtreme programming) and co-author of the Agile Manifesto. He helped create the new Certified Scrum Developer program and this is the first time the course runs in Sweden.

  • Dec 6 – 10: Certified Scrum Developer with Ron Jeffries & Chet Hendrickson
    Combines a 2 day Certified Scrum Master course with a 3 day hands-on workshop on XP engineering practices (TDD, continuous integration, etc).

I’ll be there with Don and Ron. Unfortunately I’ll miss David this time around, I’ll be doing a keynote at Öredev that week.

See you around!

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