10 kanban boards and their context

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I have rounded up 10  (ahum..)  12 different kanban boards as used in operations, development, sales and marketing. Maybe it can help to spark some ideas.

I didn’t make the boards perfect, you need to think about what WIP limits and policies that fits you. After all, a system is best if it has been designed by the people who works in that context.

You can download it here


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    2010-12-03 - 09:11 | Permalink

    Good stuff!

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    2010-12-03 - 11:51 | Permalink

    That’s terrific, and reveals additional scenarios that I hadn’t considered. The first scenario is just like the common one that I described at the OpenAgile conference: http://bit.ly/wip_power (YouTube)

    Thank you!

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    2010-12-03 - 07:13 | Permalink

    Good reference stock and of course I especially like the Sales and Marketing one! 🙂

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    2010-12-10 - 03:55 | Permalink

    Good work & nice to see the different points of view – I really like it! Thanks a lot for so many valuable input to the agile community.

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    2010-12-11 - 03:55 | Permalink

    Great way of presenting Kanban implementation patterns!

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    2010-12-13 - 02:12 | Permalink

    Mattias, I doubt that any Kanban tool can sketch your boards. What tool do you use?

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    Mattias Skarin
    2010-12-13 - 11:40 | Permalink

    I mainly use physical boards. But I think there are a good range of tools out there that can visualize many of the examples. For example:



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    2010-12-13 - 11:49 | Permalink

    Ps: If all else fails, Google Drawings will do the trick 🙂

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    2011-02-21 - 12:50 | Permalink

    Really valuable – thanks a lot. I use kanbantool.com And today I tested it. And it seems to sketch nearly all of your boards:)

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    2011-03-01 - 03:01 | Permalink

    Really good. Thank you.

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    Alexei Zheglov
    2011-05-25 - 07:35 | Permalink


    I am glad that I found this presentation; it is very helpful. I do have a couple of questions about the board on Slide 6 (the multi-tier kanban with swimlanes).

    1. Why is the “Done” column subject to a WIP limit? Did you mean to include only the columns “New requests” through “Acc test” in “requests in progress” (combined WIP limit 9)?

    2. What is the advantage of setting the combined WIP limit of 9 on “requests in progress” instead of setting the limits of 4 on “new request” and 5 on “features in progress”?

    Thank you!

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    2011-05-31 - 09:10 | Permalink

    If this team is part of a larger value stream (with steps after done) it can make sense to limit tota amount in progress since “done” really is a queue for the next phase. If not (say Done here means “running in production”), including Done as part of Wip makes little sense (ie use a WIP of 5 on “new requests” only)

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    denis krizanovic
    2011-09-27 - 05:36 | Permalink

    link don’t work anymore

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    2012-01-18 - 18:38 | Permalink

    At Linaro, we use a kanban board to plan and display our long-term roadmap. Check out http://roadmap.linaro.org/ for yet another board pattern.

    PS: Link still seems broken.

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    2012-05-29 - 16:41 | Permalink

    The image link is broken. Could you fix please. Would love to be able to see it!

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    2012-11-02 - 17:06 | Permalink

    […] Lu sur les Blogs A découvrir, 12 exemples de tableaux Kanban et leur contexte d’application par Mattias Skarin. […]

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    2014-09-17 - 13:06 | Permalink

    Like to see an adoption of kanban boards für family/work-life-balance?

    Only in german, possible interesting: http://www.vereinbarkeitsblog.de/organisationstools-kanban-boards/

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    2015-09-24 - 17:28 | Permalink

    […] https://blog.crisp.se/2010/12/03/mattiasskarin/1291361993216 […]

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