How we coach at Crisp!

Besides Lean & Agile, we also have experienced developers doing coaching, injecting themselves into teams to build skills "from within".  To avoid confusion (amongst ourselves) we have developed a custom terminology for our coaching work:

Seal Seal Seals dive deep down and stays down for a long while. They are faithful, they like problems and to stay with them until solved. Equipped with a great sense of smell, they can track bad code miles away and home in their buddies on the prey.
Duck Ducks will swim along at the surface on the pond, tracking what goes on. Occasionally they take deep dives. Ducks are especially well equipped with improving teams engineering practices and removing complex obstacles. A duck will follow a team until new ducks evolve and can pollinate other areas.
Albatross Albatross Albatrosses are quite noisy and you will find them talking passionately until new food is available.  They like to keep perspective on things. Albatrosses search for buddies at courses and training events. The secret inner wish for an albatross is to return to the pond and to play with the ducks.

.. what kind of coach are you? 🙂

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