Igniting change in 20 teams within 6 months

I have the great pleasure to have had my session-proposal accepted to the Lean Kanban Central Europe 2011 conference!

Together with Johan Nordin, a colleague coach from Sandvik IT Services, we will present the result of our Kanban coaching since november 2011. The title of our session is about scaling Kanban.

The actual presentation is available here.
[Update] The video is available here

And here is the abstract:

Igniting change in 20 teams within 6 months – an experience report from Sandvik IT Services

About 20 development teams at Sandvik IT Services have quickly taken control over what they do and how they do it, with help from Kanban. These teams have already experienced a lot of benefits and are now slowly moving towards continuous improvement. More teams are standing in line to start their journey! The change is no longer limited to development teams but also starts to attract management and business teams.

In this experience report, participants will understand what we did to make change happen in the organization, how we ensured that change occured in the right direction, what organizational effects it generated and what our next steps are.

Specific areas that we will cover are:
·    The power of visualization, creating the desire for change
·    The value of targeting middle-management
·    Helping many teams change versus focusing on a few
·    Development process, a tool for communication and collaboration
·    Definition of Done, a tool to document the current way of working
·    Always try to drive the desire to change from within the teams

Hope to see you in Munich in October!

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