A Sabbatical

It has finally started. My sabbatical. In April I decided that I needed some time to step back and try some things my own way. I told my current client that in Q3, I would not be available. A lot of Q3 has passed but, as of this Monday, summer in Sweden is over and our two daughters are back at school and daycare which means I can actually start. 🙂

I’ve pretty much always been a hard core, back end developer. Databases and services of all kinds have been my bread and butter. During my time in California I was even Director of the infrastructure team for the Clarity division at Computer Associates (CA). American career paths…go figure.

What will I do?
Friends, some of whom are understandably jealous :-), have asked me what I am going to do during my sabbatical. I’ve had a few ideas but eventually settled on JavaScript and HTML5.

At the end of my time at CA, in 2005, I implemented my first Ajax based solution and that opened my eyes to JavaScript’s potential as a “proper” programming language. Like many (most?) back end or hard core developers I always frowned upon JavaScript as a programming language. Now that I know more about how it works and how it came about, my view of JavaScript is more nuanced. My plan is to build some form of JavaScript application with both desktop and mobile clients.

Where will I start?
I have used TDD in Java for a number of years now but struggled to find an easy way to do the same with JavaScript. I think that’s where I’ll start. It’s not that I haven’t tried to test drive JavaScript; it’s more that I haven’t found a solution where I can do it as easily as with a combo like Java/JUnit/IntelliJ. I’m sure I’ll find a solution I can live with.

Stay tuned for progress reports.

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