Going on a Big Family Trip

I like travelling. But I don’t like being away from my family. So I decided to go on a Big Family Trip! And, happily, my family decided to join 🙂

We call it the Big Family Trip because we’re a Big Family (me & Sophia and Dave 8, Jenny 6, Emma 3, Peter 1), and because it’s a Big Trip (6 months, 7 countries)!

The purpose of the trip is to expand our horizons, be together as a family, and have fun! I’ll be doing a little bit of work on the road (2-3 days per month), but most of the time will be family time. To minimize my email time I’ve created a FAQ page with most typical requests and responses.

Our 6 month journey will take us to Denmark, China, Japan, Thailand, New Zealand, Peru, Brazil, and British Virgin Islands. The detailed plan is here. But the plan is only a plan, and it is pretty flexible. The journey itself is the goal, not the destination!

Since this blog here is mostly for agile and lean stuff I’ve created a separate blog for the trip. So if you’re curious about what it’s like travelling with four small kids feel free to follow us on bigfamilytrip.wordpress.com.

Here’s a geeky Google Earth animation of our travel plan:

2 responses on “Going on a Big Family Trip

  1. Kul resa och med hela familjen ocksÄ. Snygg animation!
    Hoppas ni inte blir alltför trötta pÄ alla upplevelser och inte klarar av att ta in mer intryck, fast ni har mÄnga lugna platser ocksÄ dÀr ni fÄr vila ut.

    Trevlig resa!

  2. Henrik, sorry for my curiosity 🙂
    How much approximately cost such long travel for so big family?

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