10 kanban boards and their context – version 1.2

Release manager kanban board

I’ve updated the ol’ 10 kanban board samples.  Some additions:

  • From marketing to released product – sample kanban board
  • Release manager kanban
  • Operations – online platform maintenance

You’ll find the kanban samples here.


ps: new link! If you get “file is damaged” – try to reload page once.

6 responses on “10 kanban boards and their context – version 1.2

  1. Hello Mattias,

    Your site is a permanent reference for me. The content and resources are straight to the point and practical, so, first: Thanks.

    Secondly, I am in the process of preparing an internal presentation (in my company) about Kanban for SW dev and IT ops and would like to use some of your board samples either as complete/partial screenshots or as re-drawings. Is this OK? Are there any copyright considerations for me to be aware of?


    1. Hi Carlos!

      Glad you found use of if!

      You are free to distribute and reuse the material as long as you acknowledge and provide a link back to the source.


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