The Kanban Accreditation scheme and why choose to be involved

Last month market the launch of the Kanban Accreditation scheme.  Let’s give our view including why we have chosen to engage ourselves as members of the advisory board.

Why the Kanban accreditation scheme?
Kanban is a word that needs meaning. So what meaning do we want people to connect with the word? This matters (to us..) . Stumbling upon about kanban classes declaring it will help you “resource optimize”  it makes me think there is a need. (To any unfamiliar reader.. kanban helps you improve flow, quite a different thing..)

Any accredited class will contain some core messages that we care to share. The best way we could think of to make sure that messages is good was to engage ourselves in the process 🙂

So what matters to us?
Apart from quality training, it’s important that the process through which you can become kanban accredited is not a closed one. We want to avoid any veto mechanism through which single members can isolate their market. We also want continuously engage good trainers that helps us evolve our view of the world. That fact that are two other Swedish member companies already today is one indication of healthy competition.

Does this stop others to do kanban training?
Absolutely not 🙂  Kanban accreditation is just a guarantee your material contains some key messages.

Does founding members get a free ticket?
Nope. I have to submit my training material for review just as anyone else.

Why accreditation and not a certification? Isn’t that just a fancy rewrite?
The reason why there isn’t any certification is because  we’ve yet to find a good way through which we can validate genuine skill. Until we don’t, certification is out of the question.

So what guarantees that this doesn’t turn into <enter your favorite fear here>?

It impossible to give guarantees; but a a good way to nudge it in the right direction is to engage yourself. So we did 🙂

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