Make it possible; change your statement into a question

Not long ago I met with a manager who during a discussion ruled out the possibility of success of a solution. I was a bit surprised and afterwards asked why that was not doable. It turned out one of the reasons was the managers fear the team would kick off with unrealistic expectations and leave  disappointed. I pointed out that we won’t ever get there unless we try.

There is an easy way of getting both: change your statement into a question. This will trigger an intellectual challenge and proof that people have a viable idea. In short: It enables more options.

“It can’t be done” – into – “why is that hard”?

The solutions we have are only limited by the questions we are asking.

One response on “Make it possible; change your statement into a question

  1. I agree entirely. I am learning that every time that we open our mouths and speak, we can do one of two things: a) make a statement, or b) ask a question?

    When we questions, we travel (and cause others to travel) into an entirely new world of knowledge and experience.

    Loved your post!

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