Insights from Innovation games with Luke Hohmann

I got the chance to meet Luke, the founder of innovation games this week. I find his view refreshing – humans are basically creative. We need to provide the platform for ideas to emerge. Some of my reflections after listening to the stories:

  • It’s serious play, these games shape the outcome of of real products for companies like Cisco today
  • I was a bit skeptical about trying them online, but I find they can provide alternatives to retrospectives for distributed teams.
  • It is as much about the reasons we reveal for our choices, as the games itself.
  • I find the games can help developers (and product owners) learn about the (unspoken)  needs of market segments and user groups. Understanding the rationale of their choices is key to designing a good solution.
  • If I was a sales person, I’d jump on them right away. Way more fun than death by power point.

Here’s me asking some questions to Luke.

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