Clamp The Code

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This a picture of me used on our front web page. If you don’t see it there, try reloading.

What’s the matter with me on the picture?  What am I trying to say?

Per Code Clamping

Per Code Clamping

If you have worked in a real workshop using a real clamp, you know how valuable they are. It is virtually impossible to shape a piece of metal or wood using a file or a rasp without having the piece in a clamp!

The same thing goes for code. Should you get your code in shape you need to use a clamp and get hold of it first. What is the clamp then, when we are talking code? Well, it isthe  test cases, of course!

It is so much easier to change code when you have tests that back up every step you take.

So if you want a mental picture of the great idea of tests, think of a clamp!

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    Dag Rende
    2012-06-29 - 09:53 | Permalink

    Perfekt metafor och gimmic! Amerikaner ser nog inte en tving utan ett kikarsikte – jag gjorde det. Hälsningar, Dag

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