Web Whiteboard – the simplest way to write and draw together online

OK, nothing beats face to face. But suppose you’re not in the same location – because you’re on the phone or a skype call – and you still want to write and draw together. Or you’re on a distributed team and want a simple shared workspace, just like you would if you were in the same room.

Try webwhiteboard.com, a simple and fast way to draw and write together! Just like on a real whiteboard, you can write text, move stickynotes around, and draw simple doodles and diagrams. No setup time at all, nothing to install, no passwords to remember – just one click and you have an online whiteboard, ready to share.

This is a beta version, it has some rough edges but it is being improved on a daily basis. Give it a try, and spread the word if you like it! I don’t plan to do any marketing other than you telling your friends and spreading the link 🙂

If you want voice and video with that, click below to start a Google Hangout with an embedded web whiteboard:
Start a Hangout

4 responses on “Web Whiteboard – the simplest way to write and draw together online

  1. Really nice board !

    However I do have a couple of suggestions in order to improve webwhiteboard:

    1 Please add support for rectangels and circels – these are hard to draw with a mouse compared to using a pen

    2 Good idea with pens with different colors ! It would be nice to have postit notes with different sizes. During our modelling sessions we use postit of different sizes to express more or less important domain concepts.

    3 Some way of moving a group of objects would be very useful – similiar to how Skitch works.

    Is this being developed as an Open Source project Ie can I assist ?

  2. None of the pens or creation tools show up when I load in google hangouts.

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