Shorter version of: Responsibility the Agile way

A couple of months have passed since I wrote the post “Responsibility the Agile way” and I have refined it since then. Here is the new and more slim version:

1) I promise to look for improvements, both opportunities and problems.

2) I promise to participate in implementing the improvements. I will at least communicate the improvement possibilities I have found.

3) I promise to do what I have promised to do, or at least make sure it will be done.

Agile Responsibility

If we can promise all this (most persons can) we will have a great tool for finding problems and things that might have been fallen between the cracks. These simple “responsibility roles” can replace the need for a allot of seldom used processes. The typical scenario is that when I see a problem, I talk to the people involved and we fix it together. No predefined process is needed. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.

If you are interested in Agile Responsibility, please consider the course Make Agile Teams Work.

I wish you all a successful future while taking responsibility


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