Announcing the Kanban Kick-start Field Guide

With fellow colleague Johan Nordin, I have been working on capturing the “process” (actually “way-of-working” sounds better) that we have been using to introduce Kanban to 50+ teams for the past 2 years at Sandvik IT. The result is “The Kanban Kick-start Field Guide“.

What can I do with the Kanban kick-start field guide?

This field guide will help you prepare, create, run and follow-up a one day workshop to kick-start a team into using Kanban. The focus of the guide is more on evolutionary changes (improvements) than pure flow improvement. The reader – the “coach” – is meant to be the person preparing, facilitating and following-up the workshop.

Tell me more!

This field guide is about how to introduce a team to Kanban.  But its scope is wider than just Kanban, it really is about how to introduce the capability to evolve in a continuous and sustainable way. It is about discovering the way of working and policies that make sense in the team’s context to deliver the right thing, just in time. It is about the team doing the smartest thing and becoming what it must to succeed. It is quite simply about becoming Lean.

I want it, now!
Hang-on! We are currently finalizing the first version of the guide and trying to iron-out all copyrights issues.

More information soon!

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